Virtual LARP, a military simulation.


So I’ve taken my LARP to the virtual world and I’m now playing as Marine A.Faroe in the 40 Commandos Royal Navy. I have done my medical training and  have qualified as a combat life saver, a valued member to keep those wounded on their feet, however I’m told I’m a rifleman first…

Last week we were deployed to Tajikistan, a hot, bothersome country full of sand, sand and more sand. As I sat in the briefing room I wondered why I had done all the training for Amphibious Assault the week before when my first deployment would be in the desert. It was funny like that, but high ups needed us here. We were their to do a job and it sounded like our first one was to secure the town of Rasman, capture the enemy airfield and prepare a forward base. Simple stuff, and Intel said we had light opposition, and even if it went extreme, we had Helicopter support.

0iGxEFbWe piled into the Chinook and headed out, my section, Falcon 1-1 were tasked to secure the Airfield while sections 2 and 3 were to approach the town and sweep around. My heartbeat raced as I nervously drummed my fingers against my keyboard, I was worried as we hurtled through the air in a flying box of metal, the only comforting sound was the regular whom whom whom of the rotary blades.

“Heads up, 1 minute from LZ” I heard someone in command crackle in my ears.

Whom whom whom…

“LZ, Falcon 1-1, Unit 1 only, Disembark!” the order was given.

We were set down quietly and fanned out covering each direction, I had my sector, this was my sector, lets keep focused now.  My eyes scanned the dusty sandy hill before me, nothing but rocks, dirt and sand. The chopper moved off, the comforting whoms disappearing into the distance made me feel the ticket home couldn’t be further away. We hopped up, checked one another over, and organised into our squads, with an arrowhead formation facing our first way point, bearing 220. I had my compass, but trusted my team leader so I didn’t check. We moved out, my gun lowered, my eyes sharp. We arrived at the top of the hill, waypoint 1, and fanned out in a line. We crested the hill, crawling on bellies, our guns at the ready. We peaked over and before us was the objective, our airfield.

We spent a good 20 minutes watching patrols, counting numbers and planning out our approach. Then it was go time, my finger had sat on the middle mouse button (fire safety!) the entire time, and now it hovered over my trigger.  Formations were reported, numbers taken, and a plan hatched out. I’d check my men for hydration, and felt an immense sense of duty as a life saver. But hey… I was a rifleman first. I got back into position and surveyed the compound. A plan was shared and it was Charlie Squad, to approach the compound first, secure the first set of buildings, breach all while Bravo provided overwatch.

I could continue, but I think you get the picture!

I’ve been playing Arma 3 Military Simulations with a great regiment.

The beauty of the regiment I’ve joined is they are the “NATO Task Force” a group of both US and UK forces. The 1st Cavalry Division and the 40 Commando 1st Battalion. We get to do various missions where we work together in combined warfare and at other times exclusive operations where we work alone.

Arma 3 was a game that I eyed up with vast amounts of suspicion, the bugs, the clunky movement and the WsucERTseemingly empty gameplay left me with an initial impression of “Steer clear!” but thanks to FrankieonPC108p I got to see people roleplay at him on a server, and that made me raise an eyebrow. I investigated, researched and came across milsims. I watched a few videos, read a few guides (AMAZING GUIDE) and started to realise that the game was DEEP.

Arma 3 offers you a fantastic simulation sandbox where missions can be created, GM’d (YES! a game-mode called Zeus), and you can play a realistic simulation of a scenario. Not only that but we have a huge driving force behind the passionate community who mod the shit out of EVERYTHING.

At one point I forgot to put my earplugs in and went deaf after a prolonged  fire-fight.

Another moment I was under heavy fire, ricochets, noise and panic as I ran into cover, shocked that they didn’t hit me.

The game offers a huge scope of ability and I’ve kinda given the “buggy” feel a pass, because it does SO MUCH.

The Milsim group I play in have a huge mod pack that they use PlaywithSix to manage and offer an in-depth medical system. And that… is what I enjoy. These guys put huge effort into the operations they make and they run it like a tight ship, sure they joke and have a bit of fun, but these operations are serious fucking business. It brings back the nostalgic feeling of the first clan or guild I joined, it feels like a privilege to be a part of the experience, an honour to be a key member of the content.

The group play an operation (and ongoing campaign) every Saturday at 7pm (we get ready at 6.20pm) and training throughout the week always at 7pm. Occasionally they will run random missions for fun, which is a great time to let of some steam while getting a fix of your froth.

If you have Arma 3, head over to apply, mention me (A.Faroe), get in the unit, download the mods (with handy playwithsix,) get in the platoon, do your training and get involved.

I can wholeheartedly recommend a try as if you are a roleplayer, larper and enjoy immersion, you’ll love this.

Do it, do it now.