Passionate about competitive gaming, LARP, communities, marketing, game design and the games industry. Alexander has found himself directing his vision and his team’s vision from idea to success.


GamerDating is the worlds largest dedicated singles and dating service for Gamers. Designed and created out of demand from gamers to have a real place, with real people to find, date and form a relationship. We care about providing a quality service, and the core team are all gamers and know their audience.  It is looking for franchise opportunities in Asia Pacific/Russia/South America.

With hundreds of users signing up daily, we are proud to have a growing database of eligible gamers ready to date.

We have multiple sponsorship deals and revenue share options available to Twitch streamers, Youtubers and gaming personalities.


Founding partner in Alpha GG, an incubator specifically created to help startups from Napkin ideas through to major revenue generating partners looking to expand. Alpha was designed as an end to end solution for entrepreneurs to learn from the minefields of mistakes all the Alpha members have endured.

Websites, Mobile Apps, Game Designs, Investment, Business Plans, Project Management, we can help.


With a background in Journalism, eSports and Competitive Gaming Alexander has written hundreds of gaming articles, conducted interviews and reviewed games from RTS to MMO. Alexander understands communities and how the ebb and flow of the internet can and will react to situations. Alex has had the screen name Farske since the 90s when he first ventured online as Farske in Infantry Online and Ultima Online. Alex still uses Farske today because he is still a gamer.

If you wish to contact Alex about journalism, reviews or writing articles feel free to drop him a line to see how he can help.